Remote sensing

TELEDETECTION makes it possible, as its name suggests, to detect remotely using specific sensors. Drone Tech masters the use of RGB, Near Infrared and Thermal Infrared.

Near infrared is useful in detecting plant health (precision agriculture, urban landscapes...).

Orthophoto Near Infrared Red-Green for vegetation detection.
Orthophoto Near Infrared Red-Green for vegetation detection.

Thermal infrared reflects the temperature and temperature difference of objects (works night and day).

  • - Detection of warm-blooded animals or vehicles (intrusions, search and rescue...).
  • - Precise and low-cost diagnosis of photovoltaic farms.
  • - Water or moisture detection.
  • - Inspection of electrical installations.
Photovoltaic farm
Photovoltaic farm.
Infrared thermography on photovoltaic panels.
Infrared thermography on photovoltaic panels

Drone Tech provides

We pay close attention to the quality during the conception of our multicopters. Electronics is entirely tropicalized to resist heat and moisture. In agreement with the 17 December 2015 executive decision , Drone Tech has deposited its Handbook of Particular Activities to the DGAC and is fully approved for scenario S1, S2 and S3.

Drone Tech co-workers competences are complementary and allow us to provide the best services: private and RPAS pilots, engineer in thermography and topography, high-level technician in electricity and electronics, specialist in GIS, sound and assembly video engineer…

Electric brushless motors of 350W each. No pollution. The carbon propellers generate little noise and become hardly perceptible once at elevation of 20 meters.

In France thanks to its prefectural approval for S3, Drone Tech can intervene downtown and/or on roofs. People overflight implies their written agreement.
Operating under French regulation.

Redundancy and electronic reliability, automatic landing in case of a connection breakdown, weather conditions, formation of remotely-pilots, safety supervision, specific insurance, human factors… Drone Tech safety requirements are draconian.



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