• Drone Tech is a leader in operating aerial shots by drone in the Indian Ocean. 97424. Reunion Island.
  • Drone Tech is a leader in photovoltaic infrared thermography, buildings and electrical installations by drone. 97424. Reunion Island.
  • Drone Tech performs photogrammetry, site monitoring, 3D modeling, orthophotos, distances, areas, cubing. Reunion Island. 97424.
  • Drone Tech. Shooting by drones. orthomosaics. Saint Leu. Reunion Island.
  • Drone Tech offers photos and HD videos taken by drone. Reunion Island.
  • Drone Tech. infrared thermography Photovoltaic. Reunion Island. Saint Leu. 97424.

Our services:

Dronetech. UAV Photos / HD videos.
Photos / HD Videos
The insertion of air images in your projects will emphasize them.
Infrared thermograpy with dronetech. Reunion Island.
Infrared thermography
Allows carrying out diagnosis in inaccessible places.
Datum lines, levels, photogrammetry, precise agriculture near infrared texture mapping with Drone Tech. Reunion Island.
3D modelling
Photogrammetry, datum lines, precise agriculture, visible or near infrared texture mapping…


Located in La Réunion, Drone Tech is the first Indian Ocean company to carry out and exploit technical aerial shooting.

Our equipment enables us to provide new services, at the cutting-edge of innovation. We use powerful French and German multicopters to embark our various sensors.



Do you really know your photovoltaic panel condition ?
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