Who we are

Drone Tech is a simplified joint stock company created in 2013. Our activities are authorised by the General Direction of Civil Aviation and our company is a member of the French Professional Federation of Civil Drone.

Its founders where originally seeking for an arial inspection method dedicated to photovoltaic installations and using infrared thermography.
Since then, Reunion island has constituted the ideal laboratory for the improvement of inspection methods under extreme insolation.

Thanks to quality of the equipments needed and due to the reactivity of his/her associates, Drone Tech was rapidly able to develop other professional applications such as photogrammetry, multispectral teledetection and of course a large panel of applications of photos-videos.

  • - Julien RIGOLI : Air traffic controller, Julien is currently holding the position of Chief of Tower in Rolland Garros Airport.
    President and representative of the company, in charge of relationships with the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile. Julien is at the head of the media department (photo, video, building follow-up, events).
    Contact : +262 692 869 277
  • - David SECONDO : Director of ITAQ OI, company specialized in technical inspection, this engineer graduated from the french National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and holds a Master of Science Degree in Topography.
    Vice-president, at the head of safety follow-up in the management department. David is responsible for the industry and teledetection department (photovoltaic inspection, infrared thermography, precise agriculture, photogrammetry).
    Contact : +262 693 929 234
  • - Grégory CHIAPELLO : Advanced Technician in Electricty, in charge of high voltage maintenance for a leader electricity production and transmission company.
    Vice-president, in charge of aircraft maintenance and operational follow-up.
  • Some other collaborators regularly bring their invaluable assistance to our company like Loïc Hussenet, Philippe Gally, Jérôme Moreau… We really thank them.
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Drone Tech provides

We pay close attention to the quality during the conception of our multicopters. Electronics is entirely tropicalized to resist heat and moisture. In agreement with the 2012/04/11 executive decision , Drone Tech has deposited its Handbook of Particular Activities to the DGAC and is fully approved for scenario S1, S2 and S3.

Drone Tech co-workers competences are complementary and allow us to provide the best services: private and RPAS pilots, engineer in thermography and topography, high-level technician in electricity and electronics, specialist in GIS, sound and assembly video engineer…

Electric brushless motors of 350W each. No pollution. The carbon propellers generate little noise and become hardly perceptible once at elevation of 20 meters.

In France thanks to its prefectural approval for S3, Drone Tech can intervene downtown and/or on roofs. People overflight implies their written agreement and night flight is prohibited.
Operating under French regulation.

Redundancy and electronic reliability, automatic landing in case of a connection breakdown, weather conditions, formation of remotely-pilots, safety supervision, specific insurance, human factors… Drone Tech safety requirements are draconian.

Our Partners :

ECO-MED is an engineering, design, expertise and environmental consulting company.
ECO-MED is an engineering, design, expertise and environmental consulting company.
EDF reunion is partner with Dronetech.
EDF Réunion
Bubble dome village. Dome hiring for your holidays.
Bubble Dôme village
Bubble Dôme Village, Saint Joseph La Réunion. Dome hiring for your holidays.
Itaq-oi is partner of Drone Tech. Reunion island.
- Non destructive testing
- Radioprotection
- Quality assurance.
Ciel & Terre is partner of Drone Tech. Reunion island.
Ciel & Terre
Design, financing and exploitation of industrial solar power stations on roofs
Pareto is partner of Drone Tech. Reunion island.
Environmental advice & engineering.
Sunzil is partner of Drone Tech. Reunion island.
Sunzil, expert of tropical solar systems since 1986.
GROUPEMENT Nouvelle Route Littorale :
GTOI is partner of Drone Tech for the Nouvelle Route Littorale. Reunion island.
SBTPC is partner of Drone Tech for the Nouvelle Route Littorale. Reunion island.
VINCI is partner of Drone Tech for the Nouvelle Route Littorale. Reunion island.

Press review:

Réunion 1ère
Report on Dronetech, Réunion 1ère channel TV news, 2015/05/02, 7H30 PM.
Les Nouveaux Défis
Report on YouTube in August 2014 diffused on Antenne Réunion channel in the show Les Nouveaux Défis, 2014/08/25.


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